From Principal’s Desk

Arise! Awake! Stop not until the Goal is reached” —Swami Vivekananda.

Every Creation is a Self Portrait of the Person who created it. It’s worth mentioning that BEST Academy is a Class of its Own and a ”Self Portrait of Excellence in Education”. It indeed is a great opportunity for me to extend a very warm welcome to you all who are eager to come into our fold.

Knowledge is Capital and Information is Power and BEST academy offers both in a perfect manner. We provide the opportunities to cater the professional needs of today’s fast growing world and deliver incredible assets to the Society. The success of the academy lies in its vision to bring its words into action. Every member of the academy as a team works towards this common vision. BEST academy since its inception has now grown leaps and bounds into an excellence reflecting the tremendous growth of the institution.

The driving force and the amazing leadership skills of the academy management as well as the commitment and dedication of the teaching and non-teaching staff towards providing quality education is commendable. BEST academy is known for its strict and disciplined conduct of education ensuring quality teaching and learning.

I, once again, welcome you to BEST Academy to cherish the unique academic environment which not only educate you but also build your character, personality and above all the confidence. Let’s celebrate the joy of being on a platform to be a leader tomorrow.

Wishing you all the very best.

Jyotismita Goswami.

Dr.(Mrs)Jyotishmita Goswami

M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D