About Us

1. To provide quality and concept based education

2. To offer State of the art approach

3. To discover the inherent talents

4. Educate one to all irrespective of caste, religion or economic background etc

5. To inspire the minds towards innovative education

6. To achieve an efficient successful career

7. To empower the future of every BESTians

8. To be a Dream Institution of the Nation by 2030.

Conquer Yourself, Conquer World

We believe that a person can conquer the world only when he or she will be able to conquer himself or herself. Here in BEST Academy we help you conquering yourself so that in future you will be able to conquer the world.


BEST Academy is an institute of Science, Arts & Commerce for HS 1 and 2 Year or (10+2) level under Assam Higher Secondary Education Council(AHSEC) established in Bokakahat, Assam.It is a new and vibrant addition to the educational resources of Bokakahat. BEST Academy is an outcome of some positive thoughts of a group of responsible persons of the society. The initiative for setting up of this institution is borne by Bokakahat Educational Search for Talent (BEST), a society registered under the Societies Act XXI of 1860. A lot of influential cum well known people are associated with the academy and under their supervision every learner will be able to meet excellence by achieving a bright and emerging future. BEST Academy is truly a proper platform to groom your career and walk confidently towards the rising sun.


Top (Both Boys & Girls):

White Colour Shirt having Shoulder Mark or Shoulder Board on both shoulders with “BEST” tag on the left side pocket of the shirt and a Royal Blue Tie having two white colour stripes on its upper side. (The “BEST” tag on the Pocket must be of Royal Blue Colour)

Bottom (Boys):

Royal Blue Colour Regular Fit Formal Pant with White Colour Belt.

Bottom (Girls):

Royal Blue Colour Formal Pant with White Colour Belt. OR Royal Blue Colour Skirt (Knee length) having two White Colour Stripes on lower side with White Colour Belt.

Stream wise Classification of Shoulder Board or Shoulder Mark:

(Science) :Maroon Colour Shoulder Mark. (Arts) : Royal Blue Colour Shoulder Mark. (Commerce) : Sky Blue Colour Shoulder Mark.

Shoes & Socks (For both Boys & Girls):

Black Colour Formal Shoes with Plain White Colour Socks.

Winter Uniform:

Grey Colour Full or Half Sleeve Sweater.

Saturday Uniform (For both Boys & Girls):

Orange Colour Polo T-Shirt having BEST tag on Back with Black Colour Track Pant and Sports Shoes of any colour.


1. The Saturday Uniform will be provided by the academy and its cost must be borne by the students which will not be a part of academy fees structure.However the students have to arrange the sports shoes by themselves at their own cost. 2. All Students must follow a decent hair cut.


Identity Card is mandatory. Every student must obtain their Identity Cards from the academy Office and shall have to possess the same while at the academy campus. The identity card will be renewed at the start of each academic session. If a student lost his or her identity card then he/she must reissued duplicate card of the same from the authority by a payment of Rs 100/- and producing a police report of the said loss.


1. The students are bound to abide by all the rules and regulations of the academy.

2. Students should attend the classes regularly right from the beginning of the session. Every student must have minimum 80% attendance throughout the session otherwise the student may not be allowed to appear in the final examination.

3. Any absence requires prior intimation and permission from the authority in normal circumstances. If any student remain absent for more than 15 days without prior permission of the authority then he/she may forfeit his or her seat automatically from the academy.

4. Students found absent in any examination conducted by the academy might be fined with Rs 500/-.However the same will be relaxed in case of medical ground but only upon the production of a valid medical certificate.

5. The timing of regular classes will be from 9 am to 3 pm. Remedial classes will be from 3 pm to 4 pm. However the Assembly start at 8.45 am. The institute timing must be followed strictly by each and every student and students must be punctual in reporting at the assembly point of the academy well in advance.

6. No student can leave the academy campus during the class hours without the prior permission of the authority.

7. Discipline must strictly be maintained inside the classrooms as well as in the academy campus. Study at home must be absolutely regular.

8. Use of any electronic devices such as cell phones and two/four wheeler motor vehicles without having a Valid Licence are strictly prohibited within the academy campus. Any student found using such things are penalised with a fine of Rs 500/- and parents have to come to collect the same.

9. Tobacco, Guthka or any other intoxicated material are strictly prohibited within the academy campus.

10. No student will be allowed to attend the classes without the academy uniform and the identity card issued by the academy.

11. Students must have to pay the instalment of fees or other charges as per schedule date or else a late fine of Rs 100/- per week will be charged thereafter.

12. Students will have to pay tuition fees for 12 months of an academic session.

13. All payments must be paid in cash and Fees once paid will not be refunded.

14. Students must clear their all dues prior to the filling up of the form of final examinations. Also no transfer certificate will be issued to any students unless full dues of the academic session are paid.

15. Every property of the academy must be handled with care. The cost of damage caused by anybody to any of its property must be borne by the concerned student.

16. Any unfair or undisciplined manner is punishable as deemed fit by the authority.

17. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the academy campus.

18. The rules and regulations of hostel are given in the hostel admission form.

19. The excursion/educational tour will be on contributory basis as and when arranged by the academy.

20. The authority reserves the right to change/enforce any rule at any point of time. The decision of the authority will be the final decision in any matter.