About Us

Ø  To provide quality and concept based education.

Ø  To offer state of the art approach.

Ø  To discover the inherent talents.

Ø  To educate one to all irrespective of caste, religion or economic background etc.

Ø  To inspire the minds towards innovative education.

Ø  To achieve well efficient successful career.

Ø  To empower the future of every BESTian.

Ø  To be a dream institution of the nation by 2030


                                   “Conquer Yourself, Conquer World

We believe that anyone can conquer the world only when he/she will be able to conquer him/her. Here in BEST Academy we guide the students conquering themselves so that they can conquer the world tomorrow.


BEST Academy is a Senior Secondary School of Class IX to XII under Board of Secondary Education (SEBA) and Assam Higher Secondary Education Council (AHSEC) established in Bokakhat, Assam. It comprises of all the three streams Science, Arts & Commerce in both English and Assamese medium. The initiative for setting up of this institution is borne by Bokakahat Educational Search for Talent (BEST), a Society registered under the Societies Act XXI of 1860.
BEST Academy is a vibrant addition to the educational resources of Bokakhat. It is the outcome of positive thoughts of a group of responsible citizens of the society. The academy is being constantly monitored by some highly experienced and well known people of the society so that the value of quality education shall never be compromised. BEST Academy believe in developing the inner qualities of students and hence it not only focus on academics only but also on co-curricular activities of students, their confidence building, gaining knowledge about moral values and about their social responsibilities towards the society. Here every learner is well nurtured and empowered to become a global leader in future.
Students will have to arrange the Academy Uniform at their own cost. The pattern of the Uniform will be as under and will be similar for both boys and girls
Shirt- White Colour Shirt having Shoulder Mark or Shoulder Board on both shoulders and “BEST” tag of Royal Blue Colour on the left side pocket of the shirt.
Pant- Grey Colour Regular Fit Formal Pant with White-Blue Colour Belt.
Tie - Royal Blue Colour Tie.
Shoes & Socks- Black Colour Formal Shoes with White Coloured Socks
Shoulder Mark Colour-
For Class IX & X : No Shoulder Mark
For Science : Maroon
For Arts         : Royal blue
For Commerce : Sky Blue
Winter Uniform: Black Colour Blazer with “BEST” tag.
Saturday Uniform: Orange Colour Polo T-Shirt / Track Jacket with “BEST” tag on Back and Black Colour Track Pant with Sports Shoes of any colour.
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