Our Principal

 “Develop a Passion for Learning. If You Do, You will never Cease to Grow”– Anthony J. D’Angelo

In the year 2019, an Educational Institution named “BEST Academy” (B- Bokakhat, E- Educational, S-Search for, T- Talent) is established in Bokakhat with the motto “Conquer Yourself, Conquer World.”
The goal of the institution is to provide an environment which will help the students to inculcate not only quality education but also to develop their inner qualities.
BEST Academy is an institution that celebrates the fact that each student is different as a person and as a learner. In our academy people are valued and they can fulfil their potential both as teachers and learners.
We foster and poster and believe in partnership among Students, Teachers, Parents and Supporting Staffs striving to create an atmosphere that sustains excellence. The Students here are helped to focus on confidence building while nurturing   a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility through academic and co-curricular activities.
We dedicate ourselves as professional administrators in creating a dynamic  education programme empowering the students as global assets. We are a group of diverse experiences and outlooks committed to excel in preparing learners for enriched opportunities worldwide. In short learning at BEST Academy is a wholesome package of attitude, challenges, opportunities as well as efficiencies.

 Finally I would like to extend my blessings cum best wishes to all of you.